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Prevent Radiology Becoming Just A Commodity


MSKIC Founder and Owner

Douglas K Smith MD


Recent pricing pressures and corporate entities practicing medicine have produced a more impersonal and lower service level in the medical specialty of radiology. This BLOG will serve as a site for discussion of techniques for radiologists and medical imaging parctitioners to share ideas and techniques to maintain or improve the quality of radiology as a medical specialty. 

We will add some humor to this process and hope that this humor will duffuse some of the tension and distress experienced my many of us that are troubled by the degradtion of our profession. Please help us save our specialty and assure the highest quality of radiologic services. 

Join us in the Movement- Provide the Very Highest Quality Radiology Service a Radiology Medical Art! 

“While I continue to keep this oath unviolated, may it be granted on me to enjoy life and the practice of the art respected of men in all times but should I trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my lot! 

Hippocratic Oath 


  1. admin says:

    This is an interesting video about how Radiology can apply successful business principles to adapt to recent market stresses.