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Virtual Viewbox: Interactive Radiology Consultation

Virtual Viewbox: Real time Online Consultation

MSKIC is a high service, subspecialty teleradiology company that provides orthopedic, spine and neuroradiology services throughout the United States. MSKIC provides HITECH teleradiology services using HIPAAA/HITECH secure cloud computing technology that allows doctors to view reports and annotated key images on handheld tablet (TeleradPAD) device from anywhere there is internet access.


  1. Doug says:

    Trainers of the US Ski and Snowboarding team use the TeleradPAD to view the MRI images and reports of injuried skiiers. With the click of an icon, the trainer can obtain an online interactive consultation with the offical team radiologist, Douglas K Smith, MD and one of the team physicians in Salt Lake City. Wherever they are in the world, they take the team physicians with them using Virtual Viewbox. Let us be part of your winning team!