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HITECH Teleradiology is now a Registered Trademark of MSKIC

HITECH Telradiology

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announces that HITECH Teleradiology® is granted registered trademark status to MSKIC. HITECH Teleradiology® is a methodology for complying with the HIPPA/HITECH security requirements in the setting of a teleradiology service provider. HITECH Teleradiology® is a US based teleradiology company with radiology services with US trained and US citizen radiologists. MSKIC teleradiologits are ABR certified. Off-shore teleradiologists may be known as “Hi-Tech” in reference to technology but HITECH Teleradiology® references MSKIC commitment to HIPAA/HITECH compliance for teleradiology and MSKIC committment to radiology in the Unitied States being provided by US trained and resident radiologists. Support MSKIC and US radiology professionalism.


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