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TeleradPAD is now a Registered Trademark of MSKIC

TeleradPAD® is a modified iPAD™ running Virtual Viewbox® teleradiology software. Using TeleradPAD®Virtual Viewbox TeleradPAD, physicians can access reports with annotated key images using a HIPPA/HITECH compliant, web based portal. Virtual Viewbox® is a proprietary, web based, software-as-a-service operating on a secure cloud server and requires no application installation on the TeleradPAD®. All protected health information (PHI) remains on the secure cloud server, RadCloud. The PHI is viewable on the web site but never resides on the local device so there is no risk to loss of PHI with loss or theft of the TeleradPAD®. This zero footprint approach allows the TeleradPAD® to be used with multiple browsers. MKSIC is a technology leader in subspecialty teleradiology service providers.


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