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Radiology Is Not Easy!

“Radiology is the most humbling of all specialties. The question is not will you make an error or oversight. You will. And it isn’t whether others point it out. They will. What you do from there is what is critical.”

Dr. Richard Woodcock talks about dealing with errors in Radiology in his recent blog.  He says that Radiologists are exposed to this in a way that few other physicians are. What they do for the most part is readily available for anyone to see, and is often seen by many other specialists.  It is not often true for other specialists. No one can retrospectively tell another specialist what was seen at surgery or heard by stethoscope. Opinions offered by most other specialists are taken at face value as they cannot be objectively reproduced. So Radiologists encounter this difficulty more frequently than virtually anyone else in medicine. 

Click here to read what to do when an error is made.


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