Monthly Archives: December 2011

Radiology as a Commodity

A question:  If you were concerned that you had a potentially debilitating disease, would you want your diagnosing radiologist to be trained using cookbook guidelines or one that spent time learning to gather and assimilate data to arrive at well-thought-out …

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MSKIC introduces HelpMeRad the new Help Desk!

MSKIC reaffirms its position as the premier orthopedic teleradiology company with release of HelpMeRad™. This innovative user interface allows orthopedic surgeons and imaging centers to communicate with MSKIC teleradiologists and MSKIC administrative staff from anywhere they have internet access using …

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Health Care Law: Does One Supreme Court Justice Hold Its Future ?

If the Supreme Court breaks down along its usual ideological lines on the vote on the health care law, Justice Anthony Kennedy — known as the swing vote on the court — could be the one to decide whether the …

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