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Steps for Spine Surgeons to Avoid Commoditization

Our current reimbursement model assumes all physicians perform equal treatment with the same outcomes because payors reimburse at the same level regardless of the quality of care. However, as spine surgeons know, not every surgeon has the same level of experience or delivers the same quality of care.

“We have to get over the attitude that spine surgery is a commodity like everything else,” says Khawar Siddique, MD, a fellowship-trained spine surgeon with Beverly Hills Spine Surgery in California. “Spine surgery isn’t like corn or beans. The quality of the individual surgeon is important and varies from one surgeon to the next. Corn is the same no matter where it comes from; among spine surgeons, there is a huge difference.”

The quality of a spine surgeon can be measured by complication rate, patient satisfaction and outcomes reports. Since the quality of spine surgery varies, the price paid for a procedure should also follow suit. Here, Dr. Siddique discusses seven steps for avoiding commoditization in your market and obtaining the payment level you deserve. Read full article here courtesy of Becker’s Spine Review


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