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Most recent issues with Medicare and Medicaid

Here are 11 issues dealing with Medicare or Medicaid that occurred in the past week, starting with the most recent.

1. Medicare has risen higher among the list of Republican voters’ priorities, replacing the healthcare reform law, according to Kaiser’s August Health Tracking Poll.

2. Healthcare revenue growth rates hit a wall in the June 2011 through June 2012 time span, as all nine Standard & Poor’s Healthcare Economic Indices dropped from May 2012 figures. The Hospital Medicare Index slumped to 1.96 percent.

3. Medicare accountable care organizations are receiving a lot of publicity, but Medicaid ACOs are beginning to take form as well, as seven states are working to develop and launch their own Medicaid ACOs.

4. A survey found Medicare RAC audits are most common types of audits among hospitals and healthcare providers, with 47 percent of all entities reporting at least one. On average, for-profits reported less than four within the past 12 months, whereas non-profits reported more than six.
Read all of the Issue’s Here, courtesy of Beckers Hospital Review.


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