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Meeting Challenges of Milliman Criteria Webinar

Weight-Bearing MRI in The Modern Spine Practice: Meeting Challenges of Milliman Criteria
 Presented by: Stephen H. Hochschuler, MD, Co-founder and Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute, Douglas K. Smith, MD, Interventional Spine Radiologist and Founder of Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants

 Payors have adopted diagnostic and treatment algorithm such as the Milliman Care Guidelines with requisite diagnostic documentary criteria and non-operative treatments before surgical treatment is authorized. Critics argue that payors ration surgical care by rejecting surgical authorization requests as ‘not medically necessary” unless all Milliman criteria are specifically documented in the surgical pre-authorization request. This webinar describes a successful algorithm for addressing Milliman Care Guidelines:
  • Milliman Criteria and how it affects surgical pre-authorization
  • New MRI Technology and how it can address the Milliman Criteria challenges
  • Cloud computing to rapidly obtain Milliman Directed Reports
  • Milliman sensitive radiology reporting by trained Spine Radiologist 

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