Meaningful use: What it means to radiologists

Wouldn’t we all like to have a slice of the $1.5 billion incentives payment pie available for eligible radiologists? Imaging was given the cold shoulder in the first phase of the meaningful use program (MU), but the Stage 2 MU proposal …

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Health Care Law: Does One Supreme Court Justice Hold Its Future ?

If the Supreme Court breaks down along its usual ideological lines on the vote on the health care law, Justice Anthony Kennedy — known as the swing vote on the court — could be the one to decide whether the …

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Federal False Claims Award of $10,000,000 Against Imaging Company for Failing to Provide Proper Physician Coverage for Contrast Injections

Federal court issues a $10 million dollar fine to a medical company that failed to have a qualitifed physician present during contrast injection as required by Medicare (CMS). With MIPPA, IDTFs and physician owned in-office MRI centers must have a qualified physician present to supervise the injection of contrast for any of the covered diagnostic imaging studies in order to bill Medicare. There is now precedent that failure to do so can be construed as a Medicare False Claim with significant finacial repercussions.

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