Does Your Team Have An Injured Athlete?

Perhaps you have an injured athlete who is not getting better. You trust your medical team and radiologists, but your athlete wants another opinion. You don’t want to offend your medical team and wish you could get a second opinion with absolute discretion- perhaps just a second review to confirm your medical team’s opinion and appease your athlete.


At Elite Athlete Imaging, you and your athlete have a method to obtain an opinion from the leading sports radiologists in the US with absolute privacy. Your athlete is identified only by a unique, secure ID number. Nobody can leak the identity of your athlete because nobody knows your athlete’s identity – except the athlete. The athlete’s name does not appear on the report so even if a printed report were leaked, it cannot be linked to the athlete without the ID key. Only the athlete can authorize your secure access to any results.


Elite Athlete Imaging allows you to honor the wishes of your injured athlete, discretely obtain a second opinion to facilitate medical treatment, and provide an unbiased, independent appraisal if player trades are being considered.


Discreet imaging for pro athletes


Elite Athlete Imaging allows you to avoid a public relations disaster similar to those in recent years when the media leaked information from unnamed sources alleging knowledge of an elite athlete’s medical record. This places the athlete’s team is a terrible position that is imminently avoidable – let us show you how.