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MSKIC is extraordinary selective of radiologists and staff that work for MSKIC.
Our radiologist were trained in the primer training programs in the country and have at least 10 years of clinical experience. Our teleradiologist are specialist and understand the clinical questions that must be answered and their reports reflect their clinical background. We anticipate the questions and describe pertinent negatives and suggest the next stop in the workup or suggest specific additional imaging that may be helpful for4 future evaluation. MSKIC teleradiologist are consultants and enjoy collaborating with our physician colleagues. MSKIC teleradiologist are expert radiologist and they love their jobs-and it shows.

MSKIC is not currently seeking teleradiologist applicants.

MSKIC non-medical staff are highly motivated and customer service oriented individuals with a passion for service and commitment to excellence. From time to time, we add exceptional personal to our MSKIC family.
Learn more about the MSKIC Teleradiology team here.