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Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants
A subspecialty teleradiology company like Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants is unique in that each MSKIC client has his or her own personal radiologist. A close working relationship with an MSK radiologist offers immediate availability for questions or an online consultation. Call us to find out why you need MSKIC for all of your radiology reads.
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Who We Can Help:

  • Physicians with in-office MRI.
  • Imaging Centers or radiology groups requiring an expert subspecialty teleradiologist.
  • Professional sports teams who need immediate diagnostic imaging results for injured athletes.
  • Entities who require expert witness services by an ABR certified radiologist.
  • Entities who need help with MIPPA/CMS accreditation.

Teleradiology Case Studies
See how MSKIC makes a difference – radiology is an art, not a commodity. Review our sample cases and reads to see the difference between a top radiologist and a radiology company that practices quantity over quality. Of course, with so many cases being pushed through these companies, errors and oversights can and do occur. Join us in the movement to provide the very highest quality radiology service.
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