Are You A Player Agent?

The health of your athlete client is critical to your business and the athlete’s livelihood and athletic performance. Sometimes your athlete is concerned about an injury and wants an MRI examination interpreted by the nation’s premiere radiologist in the country but is concerned about privacy. You have likely experienced the catastrophic effects of an unplanned media release of your athlete’s medical information. The leaked information may not be accurate and it places you, your injured athlete, and the athlete’s team or sports organization in a very awkward situation. Do you confirm or correct the information and reveal information that the athlete wants to remain private? If you don’t respond, there is a presumption that the injury is more serious than reported and rumors spread.


The team may be pressured to trade your athlete, and if the injury is perceived to be serious, potential recipient teams may be reluctant to consider your injured player as part of a trade. If they are interested, the price they are willing to pay is usually in proportion to the worst rumors of the injury’s severity.


Anonymous reads for injured athletes


What would it be worth to you have an MRI performed of your athlete with guaranteed privacy? Elite Athlete Imaging is like a Swiss bank account; your athlete is identified only by a unique identification number, and nobody but the athlete knows the number. Your athlete’s identity is secure.  World-class sports radiologists review the study without knowing the identity of the patient. The payment is cash so there are no billing records or insurance payment trails to be discovered by interested parties.


When a trade is considered there is frequently a dispute about the significance of an injury and how the injury may affect long term performance and contract earning potential. In general, there is financial incentive for the current team to understate the severity of the injury. The team’s radiologist is aware of the athlete’s identity and has business reasons to support the team’s position and retain good favor. On the other hand, the potential receiving team is more skeptical and their radiologist tends to be more critical of the MRI findings. This usually translates into a lower contract price or at very least, a weaker negotiating position for you and your injured athlete.


What would it be worth to you to have an unbiased independent appraisal of your athlete’s MRI examination when you sit down for contract negotiations?  Elite Athlete Imaging can provide a review by one or a panel of three of the US leading sports radiologists. The radiologists are blinded from the identity of the athlete or the teams involved. These radiologists are experts in the sports world, and their appraisals carry great weight in the industry.


Elite Athlete Imaging can be one of your strongest negotiating tools.