Client Technical Requirements

RadCloud is a HIPAA/HITECH secure radiology cloud computing service

Virtual Viewbox®
program operates on the HIPAA/HITECH compliant RadCloud®. Virtual Viewbox® is accessible from any desktop, handheld, or tablet device and functions with any web browser.


MSK Virtual Viewbox
RadCloud® provides a security portal for accessing sensitive electronic health information. MSKIC provides the security shield that allows you portable access to radiology- you need “NOTHING BUT NET.”

Virtual Viewbox Requires is clientless web appl

"Nothing But Net Baby!"

Imaging Center clients transmit images to MSKIC using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or via Virtual Private Network (VPN). MSKIC can provide technologic support to maintain the highest level of security.

Virtual Viewbox® is the proprietary radiology physician portal software developed by MSKIC and running on the TeleradPAD®. Protected Health information (PHI) remains secure on the secure RadCloud® and when the web viewing session ends, the PHI is gone. Virtual Viewbox® is a clientless web application using the zero footprint viewer PACS-Lite™.

Virtual Viewbox HITECH Teleradiology

Virtual Viewbox Virtually Anywhere

Virtual Viewbox® lets you take radiology with you wherever you go. If you have internet access, you can view your patient’s data on a web session. Your data streams to your device but does not reside on the your device, so loss of your device does not comprimise your patient’s PHI. This HITECH TELERADIOLOGY® solution is only available at MSKIC.

MSKIC and Virtual Viewbox®: A ”Slam Dunk” decision!