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Mark Tompkins DPMDr. Mark Tompkins
Podiatric Physician • South Texas Foot & Ankle Care, San Antonio, Tx
Working with Dr. Smith and MSKIC is always a pleasure. MSKIC’s interpretations are precise and detailed; the annotated images Dr. Smith provides with each report are very useful to me in my practice. In particular, Dr. Smith’s clinical experience is invaluable to me as a practicing podiatrist. My patients have complex problems and having his clinical perspective and surgical experience is priceless.
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Neurologist/MS Doctor for Nuerology Institute of San AntonioDr. E. Swann Van Delden
Neurologist • Neurology Institute of San Antonio, San Antonio, Tx
MSKIC has been so easy to work with. I can easily get in touch with the radiologist who read my study when I have questions and the MSKIC staff are responsive and helpful. I am particularly pleased that I can use my ipad to show patients key annotated images from the MSKIC detailed reports that helps them understand the situation.
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Woodmanse ChiropracticDr. Dirk Woodmanse
Chiropractor • Midvalley Chiropractic Clinic, West Jordan, UT
Having specific details about our images and detailed reports showing location of pathology is invaluable to me in explaining conditions to patients and making proper referrals when necessary. Probably most important to me is the ability to pick up the phone and side by side look at films real time with a radiologist who understands chiropractic and my goals as a practicing provider.
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Dr. David SchmidtDr. David Schmidt
Orthopedic Surgeon and team physician for San Antonio Spurs • Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio
“MSKIC teleradiology has revolutionized how we practice sports medicine. It allows us to see a patient, evaluate the patient, get an MRI, obtain a report of the MRI and formulate a treatment plan all within an hour.”
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Dr. Guy Fogel

 Dr. Guy Fogel
Spine Surgeon • Spine and Orthopedic Clinic, San Antonio, TX
“Recently I had a question of anatomy while in the operating room. I called Dr. Smith and he was able to answer my question and I was able to complete the surgery. Before teleradiology I would have canceled the case and had to reschedule another day”.


Steven J. Cyr, MDSteven J. Cyr, MD, FAAOS
Diplomate, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery • Fellow, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons • Orthopaedic & Spine Institute, San Antonio, TX

“My practice as a spine surgeon consists of a heavy number of complicated spinal conditions including multiply failed procedures and tumors of the spine. For years, I was unhappy with the impressions provided by local radiologists until I came across Dr. Smith’s interpretations. He has been extremely thorough and accurate in his radiographic assessments.”
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Jeremy Wiersig, MDJeremy Wiersig, MD
Radiologist • Owner, Concord Imaging Center, San Antonio, TX
“Dr. Smith contributes to Concord Imaging’s ability to provide high-level service through his reputation, expertise and relationships with orthopedic surgeons”.