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MSK Telerads is a premiere upper extremity and hand surgery MRI imaging teleradiology company. Very few radiologists have experience to evaluate the complicated anatomy and disease processes of the hand and wrist. MSKIC founder, Douglas K. Smith, MD started his medical career studying hand and wrist surgery during an orthopedic surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic.

Orthopedic Imaging

Dr. Smith pursued grant-funded seminal research into hand and wrist imaging starting in 1985. Dr. Smith has lectured throughout the world about hand and wrist imaging and has written over two dozen articles and book chapters about upper extremity imaging. During his career, Dr. Smith has provided radiology services for the Mayo Clinic, Indiana Hand Center and the San Antonio Hand Center with Dr. David Green who has been one of his clients since 1998.

MSKIC proHand x-ray, Hand MRI, wrist MRIvides a whole spectrum of imaging services for hand surgery including wrist MRI, shoulder MRI, and upper extremity imaging.

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