Spine Imaging

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Spine MRI orthopedic imagingMusculoskeletal Imaging Consultants is the premiere spine MRI imaging teleradiology company in the country. Our spine radiologists are experts in the evaluation and treatment of patients with complex spinal disorders.

The founder and the MSKIC radiologists are experienced spinal interventional pain management physicians.

We interpret MRI studies with the goal of determining the exact pain generator to explain each patient’s symptoms. Our reports are detailed and clinically oriented. MSKIC spine radiologists are familiar with the latest spinal treatment devices and procedures including MILD®. MRI Spine ImagingMSKIC frequently discovers pain etiologies that are only apparent to expert spinal subspecialty radiologists.

Not all spinal radiology readings are equivalent. The malpositioned spinal stimulation catheter on the right was recognized by MSKIC experts and subsequent implant revision resolved the patient’s pain.

spinal radiology reading

When your reputation and your patient’s health depend on the accuracy of radiology reports, don’t you both deserve MSKIC? Insist on MSKIC.