Sports Medicine Imaging

Professional sports medicine imagingMSKIC specializes in sports medicine imaging, orthopedic MRI, musculoskeletal teleradiology, including spine imaging. Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants provides expert sports medicine imaging services to professional and amateur sports team physicians throughout the US including the US Ski and Snowboarding Teams and the San Antonio Spurs.

If you are a sports medicine physician, MSKIC understands your needs and will provide you with accurate, timely readings and online support for questions when you need clarification.

Douglas K. Smith, owner and founder of MSKIC, is an official team physician of the US Ski and Snowboarding team. The USST trainers consult with Dr. Smith using the TeleradPAD® (a modified iPAD™)

outfitted with MSKIC’s proprietary Virtual Viewbox® software. The trainers consult with the team physicians and Dr. Smith during a simultaneous online session on their TeleradPAD® from anywhere in the world that a USST skier is injured. Wherever the team travels, MSKIC is there to support them.
David Schmidt, MD and Paul Saenz, MD of Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio are the team physicians for the San Antonio Spurs. SMASA utilizes MSKIC’s TeleradPAD® system running Virtual Viewbox® in their sports medicine clinic every day and has been an MSKIC client for several years.

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