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A law that took effect this month bars the Texas Medical Board from considering complaints against doctors if they come from anonymous sources like the complaint from two Winkler County nurses who lost their jobs after anonymously urging the board to investigate a doctor in 2009. Read full story here.

Inside Business with Fred Thompson features innovative business models that revolutionize their industry. MSKIC was featured on “Inside Business” for its cutting edge technology that is changing the way radiology is practiced.

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Fox Business News featured Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants in a series of national broadcasts as a leader in teleradiology. CNN and CNBC.

MSKIC hosts interactive online consultation sessions with its client physicians using a proprietary software called Virtual Viewbox®. MSKIC is nationally recognized expert in HITECH Teleradiology™.

President Obama challenged the medical industry to improve quality and decrease Medicare health expenditures by improving health information sharing and thereby eliminating unnecessarily repeated studies. Read full story here.

“There is an impending physician manpower shortage exacerbated by the Obama healthcare plan,” said Dr. Douglas K. Smith, owner of MSKIC. “The increased demand for medical care by millions of newly insured will add to the increasing medical needs of retiring Baby Boomers. Existing physician numbers cannot meet this new demand.” Read full story here.